PKF in Eastern Africa


PKF Kenya Quick Tax Guide 2016/2017

16 Jun 2016

PKF Kenya Quick Tax Guide 2016/2017

PKF Kenya Budget Statement Briefing 2016 - 2017

09 Jun 2016

We are pleased to attach a briefing on the Kenya Budget Statement for the fiscal year 2016/2017.  The Finance Bill 2016 has not been issued and therefore the finer details of each of the proposals set-out in the Budget Statement may not have been comprehensively dealt with in our briefing. We will in due course issue a more comprehensive analysis of the Finance Bill 2016.

Global Tax Annual Review 2016

09 Jun 2016

The global tax landscape is a fluid entity - in an ever changing and increasingly complex environment which has seen the arrival of significant tax-related reforms.

The Financier Worldwide features opinions of leading professionals around the world on the latest trends in global tax. Our Tax Partner Michael Mburugu discusses the trends in the Kenya tax landscape (see page 68).



PKF iNews May 2016

18 May 2016

Welcome to another edition of i-News. In this edition, we discuss the proposed changes to the Conceptual Framework, summarise the key changes to the IFRS for SMEs issued in 2015, and discuss the new Revenue Recognition standard – IFRS 15 which is likely to have significant impact to preparers of financial statements. We also have a refresher on the application of deferred tax on fair value measurements.