PKF in Eastern Africa


Banking & Insurance

Over the past few years the financial services sector has been facing its greatest challenge due to market confidence deterioration and the slowdown in the global economic recovery.

There is also increasing concern that liquidity in inter-bank lending is reducing, posing threats to the worldwide financial system of a similar proportion to the banking crisis in 2008. In this context, the fast pace of regulatory change we have recently seen is likely to continue.

Our services include:

  • Assurance & advisory
  • Business Support
  • Taxation
  • Management consultancy
  • Corporate Finance
  • Corporate Recovery and Insolvency
  • Business Risk and Internal Audit
  • Forensic
  • Financial Planning
  • Family Business Services

Working with PKF in Eastern Africa 

PKF in Eastern Africa has a strong track record in providing advice and support to both local and regional financial institutions and service providers. We can help from the initial start up stage, through to listing, support with on-going tax, audit and accounting compliance, as well as advising on accounting and regulatory issues on company restructuring and liquidations.

Our multidisciplinary team has a range of experience across the sector and is dedicated to working closely with its clients to understand the issues they are facing, the impact they are having and the most appropriate means for resolving them. To do so may require the need to address international requirements and through our membership of PKF International we are able to provide support in major financial services jurisdictions.

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