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Forensic Technology

We use forensic technology to work for you in a variety of ways, using data mining to identify unusual trends and transactions or capturing electronic data and digitising hard-copy documents to comply with disclosure orders. This enables you to search and access documents remotely and more efficiently without the need for investing in your own expensive technology. We also provide electronic discovery and litigation support services. These include collating documents in an e-discovery database with remote access for easy and efficient search capability, and audio visual analysis (for example, CCTV enhancement and transcription).

The PKF in Eastern Africa investigations team has a full understanding of the commercial IT environment and the evidential aspects of computer interrogation. In most cases a prompt response is crucial. We act quickly to extract and store data for analysis from a wide range of media including mobile phones, PDAs, digital cameras, removable storage such as flash drives or memory sticks, hard drives, DVDs and CDs.

When our investigations are concluded, we provide you with a comprehensive written report that delivers our findings and analysis in layman’s terms.

We provide a personalised and tailored service, working closely with you to ensure we understand your needs and any areas of particular sensitivity. Discretion is paramount in such cases, so we act at all times with a view to minimising the potential damage to your reputation. If your case comes to trial, our forensic IT experts have the necessary experience of giving evidence in court.

Further Information

If you would like further information please speak to Atul Shah or Click here to provide us with your details and an outline of your requirements so we may come back to you.