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There is always the risk for businesses large and SME’s, that a key member of staff will become permanently disabled or die - with potentially disastrous repercussions for the business.

PKF in Eastern Africa provides Business Assurance  advice on solutions and services in the domains of Risk Management, Revenue Assurance, Fraud Management, Receivables Management, Business Continuity and Security. A combination of deep domain knowledge, technical competency and proven business acumen is the trademark of of our competence and cumulative experience.

We equip our clients with sensible, cost-effective risk management knowledge, balancing customer acquisition and experience to maintain confident and sustainable business growth. But PKF delivers more than this – a focus on improving the effectiveness and efficiency of technology, organisation and operations also brings about a high-performance culture.

We can help the corporate and self-employed sectors assess these risks and employ insurance contracts to lessen the financial blow that might result from the death or disability of key personnel.

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