PKF in Eastern Africa


The Graduate Career Path

Why is PKF in Eastern Africa a great choice for graduates?

The short answer is, you'll be a perfect fit. PKF in Eastern Africa is large enough to have a strong reputation and a wide client base, but you'll still get quite a lot of responsibility early on. You get to work across all sorts of different clients and sectors, and learn how each kind of organisation works. If you want a variety of challenges and opportunities, this is where to find them.

PKF in Eastern Africa is also the place to find the support you need. You can always get help from those around you, as well as from the learning and development team. Of course, this is one of those professions that require you to sit exams, so you need to be able to balance your time between the pressures of work and studying. That said, you do get some study leave, along with holiday time - and you can look forward to gaining a great qualification that will help you progress your career.

The scheme is also a chance to get a wide range of experience, so you can decide what to specialise in later. There are lots of different directions you can take once you've qualified. You can spend a few months working in other departments, such as corporate finance, tax or audit.

If you want to start your career feeling valued and respected from day one, then PKF in Eastern Africa could be for you.


What can you expect when you join PKF in Eastern Africa as a graduate? The first thing to remember is that your experience will be unique. There is no such thing as a typical graduate experience, because your training will include real client work as part of a team - and every day is different.

What you can expect is a great deal of hard work and a great deal of encouragement. Most graduates study either for the ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountant) or CPA (Chartered Public Accountant) qualification, which involves a three-year training programme, with exams throughout.

Your formal tuition is paid for by PKF in Eastern Africa, and you will get time off work to study at appropriate points. One of the biggest challenges is having to balance your study time with the responsibilities of work, but you will have the support of colleagues and tutors who want you to succeed. As part of a close-knit team, you will often find that the advice you need is only a desk away.

In gaining an ACCA or CPA you will have a professional qualification on which you can build a wide variety of future careers.

Application Process

Stage 1: Fill out your application form online
This is your chance to tell us about your academic achievements and make a positive first impression, so take your time. The form includes a few questions on which you will be assessed. - Go to application form.

Stage 2: Aptitude Test
If your application makes it through the first stage, we will invite you to sit an aptitude test You must complete the test in a single sitting and you will be timed, so ensure you have no interruptions on the day of the test.

Stage 3: First round interview
If you pass the aptitude test you may then be contacted for a first round interview. The face-to-face meeting will include questions covering different skills and behaviours.

Stage 4: Second Round Interview
Candidates who pass the first round interview may then be invited to a second round interview with the department Manager and or Partner. Further interviews may be conducted and you shall be notified of the same.

Academic Requirements

For Graduates we require a minimum of an upper second class degree in any subject.
Certified Public Accountant (CPA - K) or finalist
  • O levels (C+ OR equivalent)
  • Degree from a recognised university
  • OR Association of Certified Public Accountants (ACCA) or finalist
  • A levels (3 principals)

Degree from a recognised university


Can I apply if I'm part-qualified?
If you are already part-qualified, then unfortunately you cannot join our trainee scheme. However, we do recruit part-qualified individuals from time to time, so please go to the careers section of our website for Experienced Recruitment for suitable vacancies.

How should I prepare for my interview?
Make sure you are fully prepared by researching the Firm and the services we offer. Please bring all the relevant certificates, transcripts and result slips for the interviewer to review.

Do I need a 'relevant' degree?
Any degree is relevant as far as we are concerned. You just need to have obtained an upper second class honours to be eligible, in addition to the other academic requirements.

If I fail my exams, can I re-sit?
PKF is committed to high quality and professional competence - therefore, if you do not pass your exams at the first attempt, we may terminate your contract. However, if there are extenuating circumstances you may be granted a re-sit.

How long is my training contract?
Training contracts are typically three years.

I have overseas qualifications, am I eligible?
Yes, if they meet our academic criteria.

I have already graduated, can I still apply?
Yes. Those with post-graduate degrees may also apply. We welcome any additional skills and experience you may have.