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The A-Level / 8-4-4 Career Path

In case you're wondering: yes, you can have a great career without ever going to university. Many people who've passed their A-Levels choose to take the CPA / ACCA Qualification.

The CPA / ACCA is a three-year programme that provides you with the main skills you'll need for a career in accountancy. By studying for it with PKF in Eastern Africa, you not only get your course fees paid for, but you also earn while you learn. It's a very hands-on experience - you will find that what you do in the workplace often mirrors your college work, so you can put theory into practice. Of course, you have to work hard to balance your work and studying commitments, which can put you under some pressure. But you can also expect a lot of support from your team and manager - after all, they want you to succeed.

At PKF in Eastern Africa you can also expect a lot of varied, interesting assignments, as you work with a broad range of clients. Your team will encourage you to get involved at an early stage, so you may soon be assisting on audits and carrying out account jobs. Right from the start you'll be a valued member of the team.

If you want a truly rewarding career, but not the cost of going through university, then the A- Level  scheme could be for you.


Where it's ACCA or CPA - the professional alternative to university

If you are eager to have a fulfilling career, but are put off by the thought of university and all the costs that go with it, then the ACCA or CPA qualification may be for you. On our A Level trainee scheme you can earn while you learn, gaining valuable work experience as well as a professional qualification that can lead you on to bigger and better things.

Read on to find out more about the A Level Scheme and decide if it's the choice for you

Academic Requirements

For the A-Level scheme we require a minimum of grade C and above at ‘O’ levels. Subjects must include Mathematics, English and commerce related subjects . However we only accept a candidate's top three A-levels and we do not accept General Studies.

Application Process

Stage 1: Fill out your application form online

This is your chance to tell us about your academic achievements and make a positive first impression, so take your time. The form includes a few questions on which you will be assessed.  - View application form

Stage 2: Aptitude Test

If your application makes it through the first stage, we will invite you to sit an aptitude test You must complete the test in a single sitting and you will be timed, so ensure you have no interruptions on the day of the test.

Stage 3: First round interview

If you pass the aptitude test you may then be contacted for a first round interview. The face-to-face meeting will include questions covering different skills and behaviours.

Stage 4: Second Round Interview

Candidates who pass the first round interview may then be invited to a second round interview with the department Manager and or Partner. Further interviews may be conducted and you shall be notified of the same.


I have a degree. Can I still apply?
No. As this is a programme specifically geared towards and designed for people without degrees we are not able to accept people who have already obtained a degree.

Preparing for an interview
Make sure you are fully prepared by researching the Firm and the services we offer.

If I fail my exams, can I re-sit?
PKF in Eastern Africa is committed to high quality and professional competence - therefore, if you do not pass your exams at the first attempt, we may terminate your contract. However, if there are extenuating circumstances you may be granted a re-sit.

How long is my training contract?
Training contracts are typically three years.

What happens after I qualify?
Once you are qualified you have several options and  you can continue to gain further work experience with PKF, with opportunities to move into different areas of the business.

I left school quite a while ago. Can I still apply?
Of course. We welcome any additional skills and experience you may have.