PKF in Eastern Africa


Tax Litigation Seminar - 26 July 2019

PKF 2019 Budget Review

25 Jun 2019

We are pleased to attach the PKF Kenya Budget Review Analysis for the year 2019/2020. The document includes our commentary on the economy as well as the amendments proposed in the Finance Bill, 2019. The Finance Act, 2019 may bring in additional amendments and we will keep you updated on the same.

Mombasa Tax Compliance Seminar

2016 PKF Budget Review - Vision 2030 and 2016/2017 Budget by Prof Gituro Wainaina

PKF 2016 Budget Review - Budget Policies and Brief Synopsis of the Economy by Atul Shah

PKF 2016 Budget Review - Income Tax, VAT, Tax Procedures, Customs and Excise Act by James Mulili and Ruth Njoroge