PKF in Eastern Africa



Agriculture has formed the backbone of Eastern Africa's economics. In addition, the sector contributes a significant portion of the total export earnings and government revenue, while providing for most of the food requirements in the region. Other service related sectors lead to a further contribution of nearly 27 per cent of GDP.

PKF in Eastern Africa advisers and analysts have significant experience in various sub-sectors such as sugarcane and related products, pulp and paper, cotton, fruits, floriculture and tobacco among others.

Our services include:

  • Assurance & advisory
  • Business Support
  • Taxation
  • Management consultancy
  • Corporate Finance
  • Corporate Recovery and Insolvency
  • Business Risk and Internal Audit
  • Forensic
  • Financial Planning
  • Family Business Services

Why work with PKF firms in Eastern Africa?

We as PKF are committed to offering services that add value – hence our partner-led approach ensures value addition at every step of the process.

  • We work at understanding your operational objectives and aim at aligning these to the sectoral guidelines.
  • We offer continual attention throughout the process.
  • Our risk-based approach ensures upfront risk assessment and identification of key concerns and potential threats to the project.
  • We produce clear and accessible reports that render themselves to easy understanding and interpretation.
  • Our team of analysts and advisers has a wealth of experience across the sector which ensures a comprehensive understanding of the entire sector.

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