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The Code is an initiative by the business community of Kenya to promote and enhance the ethics of business conduct in Kenya in line with the ten principles of the UN Global Compact. The Code applies to private companies who expect their business partners likewise to adhere to it; and id does not replace but complements individual company codes of ethics.

This Code is driven by the Global Compact Network in Kenya (GCNK) whose secretariat is based the Kenya Association of Manufacturers. GCNK’s objective is to promote good business practices by building capacity and awareness of ethics, integrity and corporate social responsibility in furtherance of the UN-Global Compact’s 10 principles that cover Human Rights, Labour, Environment and Anti-corruption.

Functioning within a globally recognized and well established initiative, the UN Global Compact the GCNK provides an extremely relevant vehicle for Kenyan businesses, academic institutions and civil society organizations to join hands towards strengthening responsible business practices towards the attainment of Millennium Development Goals.

The Code

We, the business community, recognize that ethical business brings about good business. We are committed to play a proactive role in building a globally competitive and prosperous nation, with a high quality of life, as envisioned in Vision 2030.As good corporate citizens, we commit to treating our stakeholders with Respect, to run our businesses with Responsibility, to act in Compliance with applicable laws, and to be actively involved in Corruption Prevention. Our commitment to these ethical standards determines our interaction with our stakeholders (that is, our organizations; our shareholders and investors; users of our products and services; our suppliers, contractors and agents; our society; and our state and government) and the environment.

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