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PFI/PPP Project Finance Model Audit

What we do

We provide Modelling services to cover all aspects of project finance and PFI / PPP transactions.

Models are an invaluable aid to project appraisal, in particular as an efficient method of testing different “what if?” scenarios. Institutions may rely on model outputs to assess funding requirements and / or monitor projects at key stages.

Typically, we may be involved in any one or all of these stages:

  • Funding for financial close
  • On-going monitoring and variation
  • Acquisition and securitisation
  • Re-negotiation and re-financing
  • Secondary market transactions.

The benefits to you

Complex financial models are the key to the majority of private and public sector projects that require appraisal.

Our model audit and related services provide confidence to funders, sponsors and other related parties that they can place a high degree of reliance on a model.

Our build services provide a flexible and rapid response to meet client needs to produce models which can be relied upon.

Our services

PKF in Eastern Africa provides support to project finance funders, private sector shareholders and credit guarantee agencies on all financial aspects of project finance including:

Why PKF in Eastern Africa? 

The PKF team has a strong track record in business and project model reviews and development. We have built up considerable expertise with financial and business models for both project finance and PPP/PFI projects.

Our methodology has been well proven and is continuously being improved in light of our experience. PKF in Eastern Africa will provide a rapid and flexible response during the development of a business model to meet aggressive deadlines, apply a commercial risk based approach to identifying and examining areas of high risk, draw on our dedicated team of chartered accountants and tax specialists experienced in modelling, utilise national and international network resources to undertake assignments in all locations and offer competitive and cost effective services, including fixed fee services.

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