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Strategy and Feasibility Studies

We help clients ensure that their investment in ICT supports and will continue to support the business needs of the organisation and its customers by carrying out highly focussed strategy and feasibility studies in areas such as ICT provision, ICT sourcing, ICT enabled business change and e-business.

Strategy studies will typically define the strategic objectives for ICT, evaluate the current state in terms of capability, performance, skills and capacity, map the future state setting out where ICT needs to be and evaluate the options for bridging any gap. The output may include a prioritised project portfolio, a sourcing model, a capability profile and an organisational model together with an implementable roadmap with recommendations for action including quick wins.

Feasibility studies will examine the business need for a product or technology and will assess the degree of fit to that need, the risks surrounding implementation and the probability of the organisation being able to successfully adopt the product or technology.

These studies are carried out by small multi-skilled teams with a good understanding of both the industry or sector and the technology.

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