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Business Strategy

What is it?

Successful organisations have a clear view of their corporate and divisional strategies. They seek optimum organisational structures, operational procedures and financial control while pursuing their performance targets. They will also continually assess new initiatives and respond flexibly to changes in their mission or policies and to incentives from the external environment.

What we do

We provide a range of strategic services for clients who are considering business change or improvement programmes. We help to determine exactly what is needed and what can be done most effectively within the constraints of the available resources, time and cost.

Our strategic services are applicable to the whole life of a programme from the time that a business strategy is being created, through the design and implementation of the re-planned organisation, to on-going operations when results are achieved and benefits are realised. The following are typical services assignments that we undertake in helping clients.

We help clients:

  • To identify and capitalise on new brands, products and services – assessing market potential, price and quality issues
  • To investigate new markets, plan entry, undertake competitor analysis and forecast profitability
  • To model business finances, make investment appraisals, perform sensitivity analyses and raise finance for new ventures
  • To appraise strategic business options, identify preferred approaches and potential benefits, determine financial requirements, formulate implementation plans and justify investment
  • To evaluate and test emerging strategic plans, determine finance and resource requirements, assess impacts on existing business units and forecasting results
  • To apply outsourcing or insourcing strategies, evaluating options and setting performance benchmarks
  • To develop risk and benefit management strategies in accordance with business mission and objectives.

The benefits to you

We acknowledge the importance of strategic planning, in all its forms, in contributing to the success of businesses. Our approach is always to provide a constructive, cost-effective service, based on a thorough understanding of the business and the direction of its senior management team.

We are well qualified and have wide-ranging experience of providing high-quality, results-driven business strategy advice and support. Even when dealing with creative situations or unique innovations, we can often apply tried and trusted methods and techniques to:

  • Recognise further opportunities or applications
  • Add additional value to the initiative; and
  • Avoid threats and minimise risk.

We have the experience to predict the impacts of alternative strategies and determine when benefits will accrue. We can bring additional resources to bear to meet short-term objectives or maintain momentum in difficult situations. Alternatively, we can reduce resource levels while business options are considered or management decisions are awaited.

Why PKF in Eastern Africa?

We are ideally placed to assist clients in setting the strategy, assessing the likely impacts, justifying the investment and raising finance. Then, we can aid implementation of the strategy, monitor its progress and ensure that benefits are achieved. Our success is built upon using the best strategy planning techniques allied to the expertise that only experienced professionals can bring. The techniques we utilise will often include facilitation, supported by analysis of the financial and business evidence. Our approach is collaborative and aims to harness the organisation's business knowledge with our experience of identifying and probing key strategic issues and evaluating and articulating the most appropriate supporting business actions.

In delivering our strategic advice, our aim is that our clients will have the benefit of an independent assessment of their business, its strengths and weaknesses, its options for change and a recommended way forward which fully takes into account the challenges, constraints and opportunities the business faces.

Further Information

If you would like further information please contact Gabriel Musilu or contact us here.