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Private Education Funding

Putting one child through private education could cost as much as Shs 20m. Financial planning in this area cannot begin early enough, especially if you have more than one child when meeting costs out of net income can often pose a problem. With the desire to give your children quality education, planning for their education is very vital.  With our any years experience in the education sector we are  able to give your tailored solutions and advice.

The Academies initiative introduced by the last Government, and accelerated and developed by the Coalition Government, is revolutionizing education in East Africa. The Education Services Team at PKF are specialist project managers and business advisers who work with you to create inspirational and transformational academies for the future.

We have a proven track record of supporting sponsors, schools and Free School groups in successfully developing all forms of academies including:

  • Sponsored academies;
  • Converter schools;
  • Free Schools;
  • University Technical Colleges (UTCs);
  • Special Schools

We offer a wide variety of school fees planning tailored to your individual circumstances.

Further information

If you would like further information please contact Atul Shah