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Pension Advisory Services

Following the changes in pension laws and regulation across the Eastern Africa region, trustees have a responsibility to consider the strength of the sponsoring employer, its ability to fund the agreed contributions to the pension scheme and the required level of contributions needed in order to address a deficit in the scheme.

We advise trustees, sponsoring employers and their respective advisers and enable them to gain the information they need to make robust, evidence-based decisions. We also provide support through the course of any negotiations needed to implement the decisions.

Our work typically involves carrying out a review of the financial position of the sponsoring employer (and any related group companies) to understand what solutions are workable and how best to negotiate agreement. We can monitor the subsequent performance against plans.

We also provide scheme and corporate restructuring advice to help employers and trustees implement pension-related cost reduction or restructuring plans. We are responsive to the specific needs of each situation and can adapt our scope accordingly.

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