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Investor or Creditor

As a key stakeholder, whether an investor or creditor is your investment or exposure to a business giving you cause for concern.

Our team have vast experience of working with stressed and distressed businesses. We deliver strategies to help your customers survive, manage your risk and maximise your recoveries. It may be that you wish to consider your position or protect your interests. We will provide a timely realistic assessment that highlights your options and potential considerations.

In reviewing your position we focus on protecting your interests. We can assist with refinancing or, should you deem it necessary, asserting your security. We advise on recovery options available to you, can advise and assist with retention of title claims plus we can also represent your interests at Creditors Meetings.

We always consider the reputational risk aspects of any assignment and will look to protect you from adverse publicity.

Further information

If you would like further information please speak to David Kabeberi or Click here to provide us with your details and an outline of your requirements so we may come back to you.