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A business plan is vital if your business is to evolve in anything other than a haphazard way. It helps you gauge income and expenditure, handle unforeseen circumstances and underpins good business decisions. It provides valuable information to those who work for you or with you (such as suppliers) and assists with the proper allocation of resources.

Moreover, if you are seeking funding for a business idea, having a business plan is critical. You will need to demonstrate to potential backers a strong understanding of how and why there is a need for your product or service. These backers will also need concrete reassurance as to how their investments will be repaid.

PKF in Eastern Africa can review your business plan and help you to complete it, highlighting its areas of weakness and suggesting remedies. As a first step, it is helpful if you try to complete our business plan questionnaire to assess your plan’s current state of readiness. This will help to provide us with a rough initial picture of its current strengths and areas of weakness, enabling us to target our advice more effectively.

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