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Value for Money Reviews

Economy, efficiency and effectiveness is a balance that all organizations need to achieve for their key activities. PKF’s tried and tested value for money reviews provide a way to help ensure that your business remains competitive.

For many there is a demand to demonstrate reductions in costs. Minimizing costs can however bring risks that more than offset any savings achieved and can result in breakdowns in internal control.

PKF’s reviews of key back office functions, processes and projects provide overall comfort of their efficiency and effectiveness as well as considering how cost reductions can be achieved safely. Each review is tailored to the specific circumstances and results in a series of appraised options for achieving improvement.

The reviews are led by qualified finance, IT or HR professionals. Over time we have developed a range of benchmarks that help us to pinpoint where issues are likely to arise, the risk points and opportunities for securing savings.

PKF in Eastern Africa provides:

  • Approach based on your objectives and risks;
  • Established cost and activity benchmarks;
  • Specialist and sector skills;
  • The credibility of a leading national firm;
  • The ability to service your requirements around the world; and
  • An efficient approach that minimizes your cost.

Services Offered

Functional Reviews

Reviews of back office functions including finance, HR and IT. These consider:

  • Compliance with contractual conditions
  • Accuracy of activity data
  • Appropriateness of policies and procedures
  • Staffing structures, levels and skills
  • Risks and controls

Performance indicators and indicators of functional effectiveness

Process Reviews

Reviews of the value for money of processes and systems to advice on opportunities for improvement. Reviews consider:

  • Process performance
  • The management of process risks
  • Benchmarking
  • Process dependencies and interfaces
  • Costs
  • Alternative means of delivery

Project Reviews

Reviews of the value for money supporting projects that you undertake. Reviews consider:

  • The management of project risks
  • Project dependencies and interfaces
  • Project plans
  • Project management
  • Project costs
  • Options for improving the project

Further information

If you would like further information please contact Atul Shah.