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Review of Suppliers

As organizations’ focus on their core competencies, they can build dependencies on their suppliers of services and goods. Whilst contracting processes can provide financial remedies, often these fall short of safeguarding the business from the true loss of supplier failure. PKF’s supplier audits provide assurance when and where it is needed.

Outsourcing services may not outsource the risk. Boards need to be confident that the critical parts of the business can be relied upon whether they are delivered internally or externally. Where charging mechanisms are based upon data from the supplier, assurance is needed that this is accurate.

PKF in Eastern Africa offers reviews of contracts and contractor arrangements to provide this assurance for key relationships. Our reviews are carefully scoped to target the areas of risk whilst respecting the flexibility set out in the contracts so that interventions are only made when needed. We recognize in carrying out such work that we are representing your firm and only use staff with the experience to leave a positive impression with your suppliers.

PKF in Eastern Africa provides:

  • Approach based on your risks;
  • Robust and transparent assurance;
  • Specialist and sector skills;
  • The credibility of a leading national firm;
  • The ability to service your requirements around the world; and
  • An efficient approach that minimizes your cost.

Services Offered

Contract Compliance

Reviews of key contracts and service level agreements to consider:

  • Compliance with contractual conditions
  • Accuracy of activity data
  • Cost calculations on cost based contracts

Supplier Control Assurance

Reviews of the controls within outsourced arrangements to address risks including:

  • Resilience
  • Data security
  • Data accuracy
  • Quality assurance
  • Accurate invoicing


Investigations into contracts to establish:

  • The extent of any overcharge
  • The causes of contractual failures
  • Lessons learned from changes or performance difficulties

Further information

If you would like further information please contact Atul Shah.