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Internal Control Reviews

Maintaining effective internal control is an ongoing challenge. Getting it wrong can reduce competitiveness and expose organizations to risk, including fraud. PKF in Eastern Africa can help you to ensure your controls are fit for purpose.

Systems of internal control need to constantly adapt to changing priorities, threats and opportunities. Then organizations need to make sure that the controls are operated as intended and have the desired impact.

PKF can help you to ensure that your controls are appropriate for managing your risks, are operating effectively and cost efficient. We provide assessments of the extent to which the controls can be relied upon. Where weaknesses are identified we look for the root causes of the issue and make practical recommendations for improvement.

PKF in Eastern Africa provides:

  • The credibility of a leading national firm;
  • Risk based approach;
  • Reviews and advice based on extensive experience of what works;
  • The ability to service your requirements around the world; and
  • An efficient approach that minimizes your cost.

Services Offered

Establishing Control Over new Areas Hierarchy of Needs

  • Support in assessing risks and control need
  • Advice on control design and establishing an effective control environment
  • Support in developing control documentation
  • Pre operation control assessment
  • Control testing
  • Assurance mapping

Ensuring Effective Internal Control

Internal control reviews considering the effectiveness of controls and advice on options for improvement. Reviews may be of:

  • Whole organizations, divisions or other units of activity
  • Individual financial or operational processes or systems
  • Projects or contracts
  • IT arrangements
  • Reviews of compliance with policies and procedures

Safeguarding Against Fraud

Advice on fraud risks

  • Assessments of overall counter fraud arrangements and the fraud culture
  • Reviews of the design and operation of controls to safeguard against fraud
  • Data mining and CAATs
  • Investigation of suspected fraud.

Further information

If you would like further information please contact Atul Shah.