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Internal Audit Service

Strong internal audit can help organizations be more effective by ensuring a robust overall internal control framework and flagging areas where control needs to be strengthened. PKF’s internal audit is independent risk based and designed to complement other available sources of assurance.

Whether a mandatory requirement or not, internal audit should be focused on helping organizations to perform better and in the most efficient way. We apply a strategic approach to internal audit, which is built upon gaining a thorough understanding of the risks that you face. We design our approach to target the areas of greatest risk and to integrate with other sources of assurance in order to maximize audit efficiency.

PKF in Eastern Africa is also able to conduct internal audits, the product ranges from complete outsourcing arrangements to setting up an internal audit function.  We are able to provide clients with assurance that the right systems and controls are in place, assets are safeguarded, funds properly used and compliance with legislation. Internal audit procedures are tailored to each client’s requirements as well as industry specific needs.

Services Offered

Outsourced Internal Audit
Full outsourced risk based internal audit to International Internal Audit Standards or Government Internal Audit Standards.

Co-sourced Internal Audit

Support to in-house internal audit teams. These include:

  1. Specialist one off reviews for example IT, HR, risk management or of suppliers
  2. Top up on in-house resources to address shortfalls in capacity or perceived conflict of interest
  3. Support in determining audit needs and how best to meet them
  4. Ongoing co-sourcing arrangements

Support to Internal Audit

Support to internal audit function. These include:

  • Evaluation of internal audit performance
  • Formal external reviews of internal audit as required by the IIA Standards
  • Advice on options for internal audit delivery
  • Audit needs assessment
  • Internal audit training

Further information
If you would like further information please contact Atul Shah.