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Independent Certified Assurance Reports

Independent certification of internal controls is becoming a must for those providing outsourced services to major companies. PKF in Eastern Africa can provide control assurance reports tailored to meet your specific requirements in the most efficient way.

As all major organizations seek to ensure they have assurance that their risks are being mitigated effectively, increasingly they are looking to those providing outsourced services to demonstrate that their governance and operational processes are robust. Customers are looking for more than the comfort of knowing that processes are subject to internal audit and want independent assurance on controls and control operation. Offering independent certified assurance is essential to being competitive.

PKF in Eastern Africa provides:

  • Certification by a leading national firm;
  • A cost effective approach;
  • Coverage in Eastern Africa
  • Pre certification assessments;
  • Support in documenting controls and the control environment and control descriptions; and
  • A management letter setting out opportunities for improvement.

For many there is a demand to demonstrate reductions in costs. Minimizing costs can however bring risks that more than offset any savings achieved and can result in breakdowns in internal control.

PKF’s reviews of key back office functions, processes and projects provide overall comfort of their efficiency and effectiveness as well as considering how cost reductions can be achieved safely. Each review is tailored to the specific circumstances and results in a series of appraised options for achieving improvement.

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