Obtaining the independent assurance demanded by the Corporate Governance Code can be a challenge, especially where the business does not warrant a full internal audit and there is no Non Executive Director (NED) internal control expert. PKF’s assurance support offers a way of addressing this gap and more, whilst minimizing the cost.

The board should at least annually conduct a review of the effectiveness of the company’s risk management and internal control systems.

PKF in Eastern Africa provides an alternative, hybrid advisory and assurance service. Our Audit Committee Advisors are experienced partners and directors who can provide independent advice on risk and internal control issues to NEDs and management. They also develop and quality assures risk based assurance programmes delivered by your staff, with support from our specialists, to provide the Audit Committee and Board with a robust basis for meeting their governance responsibilities.

PKF in Eastern Africa provides:

  • An assurance service with the flexibility, range of expertise and quality of outsourced internal audit without the cost;
  • Independent expert advice to the Audit Committee and Board on risk and internal control;
  • Access to other expert advice at no additional cost; and
  • Support in developing knowledge and internal control capability.

Services Offered

Support to the Board and Audit Committee

  • Risk maturity assessments
  • Support in developing and operating risk management
  • Advice on control concerns and emerging issues and their possible implications
  • Advice on control and assurance needs
  • Advice on governance needs
  • Horizon scanning
  • Training

Internal Control Assurance

  • Advice on potential risks within activities and projects
  • Support in assessing internal control needs
  • Advice on options to improve internal control
  • Access to specialist advice for example in tax, IT and HR
  • Development of assurance framework
  • Specification and quality assurance of assurance reviews carried out by your staff
  • Independent assessments of risk management and internal control

Further information

If you would like further information please contact Atul Shah.