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Assessment of Risk Management

Effective risk management can be the difference between organizations thriving and those that under achieve or fail. It is as much about creating the right attitude as to having the right processes. Our risk management support offers options to address process and behavioral issues of making risk management work.
At its best, risk management focuses attention where it is most needed, flagging issues at the right level to ensure that they are addressed appropriately and with minimum fuss, whilst ensuring appropriate governance.

The most common barriers to making risk management work relate to:

  • Risk processes being too complex and not understood;
  • Gaps in knowledge leading to risks being missed or inappropriate mitigations being adopted; and
  • Risk management being perceived as a governance process to be complied with rather than as a means of achieving the organizational ambitions better.

PKF in Eastern Africa provides:

  • A practical approach to making risk management more effective;
  • A focus on developing the right risk management behaviors
  • Expert knowledge on risks and controls; and
  • Effective risk management maturity assessments.

Services Offered

Transferring Knowledge

  • Risk maturity assessments
  • Risk identification workshops
  • Control design reviews
  • Control operation reviews
  • Threat assessments.

Strengthening Attitudes

  • Training in use of risk for Boards, managers and staff
  • Benefits demonstration

Improving Processes

  • Risk monitoring tools
  • Risk assessment tools
  • Risk register set up
  • Assurance framework design

Further information

If you would like further information please contact Atul Shah.