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Business Risk and Internal Audit Services

For the success of an organization, it must continually adapt to the environment in which it operates and improve. This is the only way that businesses can maintain growth and profitability. There is no room for inefficiency or complacency due to competitive pressures. The quality of products and services and the customer care around them all need to be robust to maintain confidence and loyalty. Those responsible for governance must therefore ensure that their risk management, governance and internal control arrangements are appropriate for the business.


Services Offered
Broadly, PKF in Eastern Africa business risk services deliver four key benefits. We enable organizations to:

  • Demonstrate resilience and compliance with regulatory and other key requirements
  • Identify, assess and mitigate the risks that threaten their performance objectives
  • Strengthen governance
  • Improve efficiency and effectiveness and reduce cost

Our expert team provides internal audit and other specialist risk and governance services as follows:

Your NeedsOur ServicesYour Benefits
Customers are seeking assurance that your systems are well managed and controlled. Independent certified assurance reports that you can give to your customers.

Increased customer satisfaction and improved ability to win new customers.


Improved internal governance and opportunities to strengthen controls.

Assurance that your risk management processes are effective. Assessment of risk management process design, operation or content. We work with businesses to help them identify and appraise their risks and confirm that the mitigations are designed appropriately and operating. Improved risk management, helping you to make the right decisions and reducing the chances of your business being caught out.
Assurance that internal control arrangements are effective. Internal control reviews, whether as an outsourced internal audit service, supplementary support to an in-house audit team, or as ad hoc reviews.

Benchmarking of your procedures against best practise.

Review of suppliers to ensure that they are meeting contractual requirements and providing sufficient internal control.
Robust assurance that the internal control framework that you rely upon is fit for purpose and operating effectively.

Offering practical advice as to how you can strengthen control.
Support in strengthening your governance arrangements. Board assurance support including the Audit Committee Adviser role to support the Audit Committee on technical matters, risk management and assurance programmes.

Advice on governance arrangements and assurance that governance is working.
More focused governance activity releasing more director time for driving the business forward.

Confidence that the governance arrangements are sufficient to ensure that the business operates effectively.
More effective use of resources and/or cost reductions. Value for money reviews of functions, services and projects to assess scope for improving economy, efficiency or effectiveness. Improved financial and operational performance.

Why choose PKF in Eastern Africa?
When conducting a business risk assignment, we first get to know your organisation. We work towards understanding your goals, needs and regulatory requirements. Wherever in East Africa you are based, we have experienced staff who can work with you to assess your needs and develop practical solutions. Our personal approach is designed to deliver lasting value for your business, backed up by the credibility and resources of a top audit firm.

Further information
If you would like further information please contact Atul Shah