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Special Purpose Audits

Organisations for which an audit is not a legal requirement may still decide to have an audit for a number of reasons.

The main reasons for non statutory audit are listed below:

  • Help you meet your stakeholders’ expectations
  • Help you identify and address financial and system issues
  • Facilitate effective governance
  • Give you reliable information on which to base critical decisions.
  • Audits required for a specific or special purpose

We are able to conduct audits that are required for the purposes of shareholders, stakeholders, parties to joint arrangements, construction projects, service charge audits, pre-merger, divestiture or asset sharing audits.

Why PKF in Eastern Africa is the best choice for you in Audit Services?

We are committed to delivering an audit that adds value – our partner-led service gives you much more than just your “business MOT”.

  • We work to understand your business, its goals and its issues, bringing extensive sector knowledge and experience to the task.
  • We work with you, offering continual attention – not just at the year-end.
  • We adopt a risk-based approach, carrying out an up-front risk assessment that focuses on your business’s key concerns and identifies potential threats.
  • We can flag up other potential issues, mainly financial or internal controls, that may affect you.
  • Subject to independent constraints, we can also offer pro-active advice on the risks you face, including practical solutions to accounting and systems weaknesses.
  • Our reporting is clear and accessible, avoiding jargon.
  • For smaller organizations’, we also offer a basic audit that delivers the compliance and peace of mind you need at a cost you can afford.

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