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Project Audit

We carry out audits of time-bound projects such as those of multilateral and bilateral donor funded programmes, public sector construction projects, charities with finite lives, ad-hoc audits of components of a project or entity and similar assignments. We may include non-financial audit work in this category where, for example a certain level of monitoring and evaluation reporting is required.

Project audit is designed to provide a reasonable level of assurance to providers of grants and management engaged in using funds for projects and other value for money considerations. Most organizations are required to prepare at least annual financial statements to record their activities. Often other reporting is also required; for example, on the spend relating to individual grants, or to satisfy the needs of a regulator or other interested party. Our project audit services will help you meet requirements, as well as the particular needs of your grant organization.

Our Clients

Our clients include:

  • Semi-autonomous Government Agencies
  • Donor Community including USAID, EU, DFID, CIDA, SIDA
  • Development Institutions including UN Agencies
  • NGOs including CARE, JHPiego
  • Auditor General’s Office

Why PKF in Eastern Africa is the best choice for you in Audit Services?

We are committed to delivering an audit that adds value – our partner-led service gives you much more than just your “business MOT”.

  • We work to understand your business, its goals and its issues, bringing extensive sector knowledge and experience to the task.
  • We work with you, offering continual attention – not just at the year-end.
  • We adopt a risk-based approach, carrying out an up-front risk assessment that focuses on your business’s key concerns and identifies potential threats.
  • We can flag up other potential issues, mainly financial or internal controls, that may affect you.
  • Subject to independent constraints, we can also offer pro-active advice on the risks you face, including practical solutions to accounting and systems weaknesses.
  • Our reporting is clear and accessible, avoiding jargon.

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For further information please contact Atul Shah or David Kabeberi.