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Limited Scope Audits and Assurance

We offer a number of Limited scope audits and assurance and IFRS training services as explained below;

Expenditure or asset verification assignments

We carry out a range of bespoke assignments on behalf of various parties such as courts, beneficiaries of wills, donors of specific assets, joint venture partners and other interested parties.

Financial compliance reviews

We carry out internal control and project funding compliance reviews which may or may not include a financial component. We monitor adherence to specified transaction policies and procedures and provide advice on how to maintain a high level of compliance.

Statutory compliance reviews for regulatory purposes

We conduct compliance checks either for regulators or for clients needing to report to regulators. This type of service may or may not include a financial component.

Internal control reviews

We carry out detailed reviews of corporate internal controls, subjecting them to evaluation and where necessary, making suggestions for improvement. We also monitor compliance with the laid down controls and actively seek to identify ways to make them more efficient, more effective and less intrusive wherever possible.

IFRS Consultancy and training for staff

We provide advice on a case-by case basis for various technical complexities that you may face. We research solutions that enable you to meet your objectives without violating the requirements of various reporting standards. Our training for staff on compliance with IFRS and related frameworks can be tailored for your specific needs and delivered to your staff at your premises. Through our association with the PKF network, we are able to provide support for US GAAP needs as well.

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