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IT Assurance and Analytics

Businesses are increasingly dependent on a number  of IT and other related communication technologies and systems for effective and efficient operations. This creates opportunities for optimal use of the vast quantities  of data  that resides  in such  systems but also creates threats  in relation to security.  Our IT assurance and analytics team can help you manage both.

 IT Assurance Services

Our IT assurance procedures provide  you with the comfort that  your technology solutions are sound from a security perspective. We document, assess and  benchmark your organisation’s IT security policies  and  its general and application level control  environment including  performing various  tests on such policies  and  controls highlighting  the IT risks your organisation faces, the effectiveness of its policies  and  controls (general  as well as application level) and its vulnerabilities. We also provide  meaningful insights into how identified  risks and  vulnerabilities can  be mitigated.

 Data Analytics

 Using globally recognised solutions, we develop customised analytics routines (which comprise data quality, data interrogation and  data visualisation routines)  and  run these on your organisations databases to generate often very insightful results which can  be used not only for assurance but also in strategic business management.

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