PKF in Eastern Africa

About Us

Our Core Values

We expect our staff to project the following individual values of professionalism:

CLIENTS - We are here to please our clients-without them nothing else matters. We only succeed when our clients improve their operations by using our services.  We must understand their needs, how they use our services, and how they improve their business. Buying our services is just the first step. Successful implementation and value creation must follow.

ACCOUNTABILITY - We take responsibility for our decisions at the individual and firm levels.

ATTITUDE - We believe that remaining positive and looking ahead are essential parts of achieving our goals.

BALANCE - We work hard and we are well-rounded employees who combine work, family, and recreation. We make time for fun, and celebrate team and firm successes together.

BOLDNESS - We believe that taking calculated risks encourages growth and new discovery.

CHALLENGE - We push ourselves to the limit, question boundaries, and continually advance.

COMMITMENT - We keep our promises to clients, employees, and their families.

COMMUNITY - We donate time, money, and resources to local charitable organizations. We build key relationships by supporting our community.

INTEGRITY - We execute with integrity, holding ourselves to the highest standards of performance, accountability and personal conduct. If something doesn't work, don't ship it. If a deal isn't right, don't take it. If the numbers don't add up, find out why.